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Our Approach

Today’s society meets huge challenges in areas such as biotechnology, food safety, sustainable energy production, environmental protection and nuclear waste management.

Issues like nuclear waste management, genetic modification and radiation from telecom antennas are issues with a high technological and scientific content. It is impossible for any one person - experts included - to grasp all implications, and since these issues reflect social concerns and major democratic challenges, it is critical that they are dealt with in a way that provides the best possible basis for decision making. It is important to create awareness and to vaccinate the process against simplification and fragmentation.

In order to meet these ends, we have introduced a set of principles as a platform for decision making in complex issues. The principles are applied in practical reality using the ITA ProcessTM within Transparency Arenas, a concept first proposed at the 2002 summer school.

Download the ITA Process report (PDF, 498 kB)

The Riscom Model gives structure to the process, ensuring that there are appropriate procedures in which decision-makers and the public can validate claims of truth, legitimacy and authenticity. 

The safe space

Stakeholders often need a safe space for their involvement, for example in cases when they don't find it suitable to form a partnership together with the implementer aiming for shared solutions. The Transparency Arena using the RISCOM Model is a safe space tailored for stakeholders who want to join to increase their understanding of the issues and also of their respective views without being felt like hostages for a certain purpose.

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