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Kjell Andersson at IAEA Scientific Forum

Kjell Anderssson had a presentation at the IAEA Scientific Forum: Radioactive Waste: Meeting the Challenge - Science and Technology for Safe and Sustainable Solutions on September 23-24, 2014 in Vienna. The title of the presentation was Public perceptions of science, technology and risk and their influence on managing radioactive waste.

Kjell emphasized that safety is a necessary but not sufficient requirement for the implementation of nuclear installations as there are political and social challenges which cannot be overcome without a proactive, systematic and comprehensive programme for public and stakeholder involvement. He also pointed out that stakeholder involvement is not decision making by itself but a way to create clarity for the sake of high quality decisions.

The presentation can be downloaded here IAEA_2014_Andersson.pdf

The web site of the conference is: http://www-pub.iaea.org/iaeameetings/46089/Scientific-Forum-Radioactive-Waste-Meeting-the-Challenge-Science-and-Technology-for-Safe-and-Sustainable-Solutions

Seminar in Senate of the Parliament, Czech Republic

Achievements made in Czech Republic with the RISCOM process was presented at a seminar in the Senate of the Parliament, Czech Republic on April 24, 2012. The seminar with the title "The position of local communities in the site selection process of the deep repository" was chaired by Ivo Bárek, Chairperson of the Committee on Public Administration, Regional Development and the Environment.

Ivo Bárek opens seminar
Ivo Bárek opens seminar
Hana Vojtêchová
Hana Vojtêchová
 Kjell Andersson
Kjell Andersson

Hana Vojtêchová, Nuclear Research Institute (Prague) and IPPA subproject leader, talked about the RISCOM implementation in Czech Republic and Kjell Andersson talked about "Participation of local communities and regulators during the site selection process of a deep geological repository, while maintaining their independence - the Swedish example of safe spaces". The Oskarshamn Model for municipality involvement and the added value agreement between the municipalities of Östhammar and Oskarshamn, SKB and the nuclear industry were among the topics. Kjell stressed that the safe space is to support the normal political decision making process - not to replace it. The presentation can be downloaded here Andersson CZ Parliament April 2012.pdf (0.3 MB).

Kjell Andersson calling for a new “independent function in society”

Svenska Dagbladet (leading newspaper in Sweden) 2006-07-03
SVD_20060703.pdf (original Swedish version)
Image SvD_20060703_ENG.pdf (translation in English)

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