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Risk Governance - The CARGO Project

The CARGO project, which started in June 2006 and lasted for two years,  aimed to enhance policy making structures and set the political system in charge of the decision making processes, e.g. by clarifying the roles of transparency and of different approaches to deliberation. Since decisions on risk governance ultimately take place within the political system, this project is at the core of policy making in Europe.

Societal decisions in many areas, such as energy production, genetic testing, stem cell research, food safety or carbon dioxide disposal, include factual and value-laden elements of both risks and benefits. In all decisions, positive and negative factors have to be taken into account and be weighted against each other.

In the CARGO project we integrated different approaches to risk governance, including risk informed decision-making, the precautionary principle, the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle and risk deliberation, into a comprehensive and all-covering approach that incorporates both scientific assessment and public values.

The 2nd VALDOC Summer School was part of the CARGO project.

You find more information on the CARGO project at the website